Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Landscaping, adding details

Working on the haunted Fairfield, now that Spring Fling is over and I've got the tree I needed.

To begin, the outside:
The fencing is up. The pillars are made of cardboard, taped into a column shape, and painted gray. I dry-brushed black on them as well, to give more of a concrete/cement look. I was rather sad to discover that the gray textured paint I used for the foundation and chimney had dried up. Maybe if I add some water to it, it will be usable again. I don't know.

Close up of the pillars and gate ("gate" is a pretty grandiose term for what is actually a small piece of fencing glued into place between two pillars). Each pillar is topped by a gargoyle,

In this photo, the glue on the pillar is not quite dry. In a corner of the yard, a skeletal pirate sits and guards his dubious treasure.
Side yard, view of the tree. The tree was an Ebay find, in a lot of landscaping materials.

The gargoyle on the porch roof is from my niece Jessie. The porch flowers are an SDK kit. The statue in the flower patch came from Emerald Rose, in Bristol. The two-headed dragon, in the tree, came from Brown Dog Books in Hinesburg.

On the left are two tombstones. I had a lot of trouble getting a photo of these, and that's why so many similar photos are uploaded.

The flash of red in the tree is a birdhouse. Again, the tombstones are on the left. I made the tombstones from a piece of packing wrap. I cut the shapes, glued the "stone to the base, painted them gray, painted the inscriptions, and glued them to the yard.
Here you get a partial view of the kitchen, and a back view (through the fence) of the tombstones.

Close up. You see how the tombstones tend to fade behind the fence in photos.


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  1. What a great house! Mom would be proud! Very clever how you put things together - it looks so real.