Sunday, November 10, 2013

Slowly but surely.

More work on Grandma's Summer House.
I dug through my paper stash to find suitable patterns. I decided to either carpet or linoleum most of the floors; I'm going to electrify this house, and will be running wire either on the ceilings or on the floors.
So I was thinking, left to right:
Living Room walls
Kitchen walls
Kitchen floor
Bathroom walls
Bathroom floor
Bedroom walls
Hallway walls
Attic walls
The living room, bedroom, and attic will be carpeted. The hall floors I decided to use wood patterned paper. 

Then, I started gluing in some of the floors. D'oh! I totally flaked on my plan, and used the bathroom floor in the kitchen, and the kitchen floor in the bathroom. Which will be fine.
The kit has four interior doors: 2 on the ground floor, 2 on the second floor. I will only be using the doors on the second floor. I see no purpose in doors between the hallway and living room and kitchen. Pictured above, the blue doors are the front doors. The trim on the right will be painted and glued to them. The white (actually buttercream) doors with the tiny brass knobs will be for the bedroom and bathroom. 

Kitchen floor

Hallway floors

Bathroom floor.
One reason I'm sorry that I switched the papers for the kitchen and bathroom is that I used the same papers respectively for the haunted Fairfield. I kinda wanted to change it up for this house. Well, for now I'm leaving it.
The color scheme for the exterior of this house is similar to the way my father had his house painted last: Cream colored, with bright blue doors and chocolaty brown trim. To match his beloved and ancient Siamese cat.
One problem I'm having with this kit is that some of the sheets of wood are warped, due to the way the kit was shrink-wrapped at the factory. I think I can overcome this. I hope.
The floors will get coats of either Mod Podge or polyurethane. I'm also working on a shabby chic ambience with this house (that makes it sound fancy, when in reality we're just shabby).

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