Friday, November 29, 2013

Exterior shots

While my brother, Andy Fish, was visiting this week, he took some awesome dollhouse photos for me. The next few posts will feature those photos.

This is a detail shot of one of the gargoyles at the gate. He is sitting on a pillar I made. I used cardboard and tape, then painted it gray and dry-brushed black.
The fence is from It is actually 1:12 scale, but works really well as a tall half-scale fence. The pillar gargoyles came from the Dollhouse Emporium.

Window detail. I am still on the lookout for tiny birds/bats/whatever that can sit on the outside window sills.

Tower detail. I painted the tower windows to look like stained glass. I used a tiny paper punch to make the little bats.

Another view of a pillar gargoyle.

The gargoyle in the corner of the roof was given to me by my niece, Jessie. I think it looks perfect in that spot on the roof.

Front door, view into the foyer. The little hall tree chair I made from a kit.
The front door mat is from upholstery material samples that my sister, Debbie, gave me.

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  1. Love, love, love this house!! It deserves to win!!