Saturday, November 16, 2013

Walls, floors, lights, and an amusing purchase.

Not a whole lot of time to work on minis this week - my day job has been crazy busy, and I've been exhausted at night, far too tired to build or paint or anything of the sort.
Here's where we left off with Grandma's Summer House. Tonight I started Mod Podging the floors. The unpapered floors will be carpeted. 
These are the side walls. I've painted the wood in the windows twice with buttercream acrylic craft paint (buttercream being the color). Clockwise, starting top left, it's bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room.

Here is the front wall. The middle section is the hallway, first and second floor. 

These are the half-scale lights I have acquired. I'm still trying to decide which rooms they'll go in, and which rooms I'll have to make lights for. At $9-$20 per light, I do not have the budget to buy another 5 or 6 lights. I certainly didn't pay that much for the ones I have, but it's taken me two years to get the ones I have. I can't count on such good deals coming along before May, when this house must be finished. I will challenge myself to make lights, and it will be a good experience. If it's an unsuccessful experience, no big deal - I'll just figure something out.
I do plan to put the Tiffany table lamp in the living room. It occurs to me that there are no overhead living room lights in any of the houses I am familiar with. I'll need at least one more table or floor lamp for that room.
The kitchen will probably need two hanging lamps. I'd ideally like a ceiling light in each hallway; one in the bathroom; ceiling and table lamps in the bedroom; and two or more lights in the attic/guest rooms. Maybe one on the attic stairway to the roof, also.
A minimum of 12 lights, and I've currently got 5.

This is an Ebay buy - and when I saw it, I knew I had to have it. There's a small acrylic paint bottle holding it up, which may give some idea of the size. It's far too big for half scale, but I think it will fit nicely in the Glencroft - maybe over the living room fireplace.

Anyone over the age of 35 related to me on the Bushey side of the family will understand why I had to have this.
I'm feeling pretty good about how this house for the Undersized Urbanite contest is coming along. I'm still doing a lot of thinking and planning - how to install the lights, which pieces to do first, etc.
I must say, I do like the laser cut house kit. Except for the warping - which is likely my own fault: I should have taken the kit out of its box and wrapping when I got it a year ago. The only other quirk is that where it's been laser cut, it has darker edges that do take extra painting to cover. Well worth it to avoid all that sanding with the die cut kits.

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