Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Camper progress

I have been working on the camper. It's coming along quite nicely.

I've wired, wall-papered, floored, and painted. I have a plan to make a grill - using a toilet paper roll, paperclay charcoal, and some skewers. 

Furniture is placed temporarily. I will need to make a refrigerator, and stove. The window trim is not yet installed, nor the light covers. Or the door. The wheel well covers also need to be glued in.

I got the sink unit on Ebay. I painted it light chocolate. It needs a bit of white enamel touch-up.

Once the wall partitions are in, this lefthand section will be the bathroom. I don't think I'll have room to put in a shower. I have a ceramic toilet I'll make a seat cover for, and add a floor pedal. Haven't figured out the sink yet. The toiletries and towels will sit on the shelf there. The door will be in the middle, with the toilet and sink on each end.
This right-hand side will be the bedroom. I'll put in a fairly simple bed and a bureau/cupboard. This door too will probably be in the middle, to avoid the wheelwell covers. I may just do curtains for the doorways.

The view from  the bedroom end.

Here's the front so far. On the right you can see the whaddaycallit, tow-bar  thing. It's painted black.
The door is going to be a challenge. I am going to try to make a pin-hinged door. I'll need to make a door frame, and I need to figure out how to drill the tiny holes I'll need.

Before Friday, I'll have the door, frame, and wheels done (I hope).

Monday, June 25, 2012

Chim chim cherie!

I finished the chimney on the Whitney/Primrose.

I glued the bricks onto the frame, trying to alternate them to look like a real chimney.

Once they were all glued, I used tile grout between the bricks.

Not bad for my first try at brick-laying.

Balcony railing.

Bay window, shingled.

Front view,with shingles painted.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 Acres Camper

I worked on the camper the last two weekends.

And, currently, I am desperately wishing that the space bar on this darn laptop was not sticking.

This is the furniture that came with the kit. I assembled, glued, painted, and upholstered the chairs. I assembled the table, used scrapbook paper for the top, and mod-podged it many times. I used a metallic silver marker for the legs and rim. It's not quite as 3-dimensional as I'd hoped. I will try to find metallic silver puff paint. I do like the way the mod podge came out.

In the above picture, on the left you can see the glued but not yet painted jacks for under the trailer.

A front view of the set.

This is the front panel. I am not going to open the take-out window, so I wood-puttied it. I'll sand it this weekend. I also wood-puttied the edges of all the window trims. I am now seemingly obsessed with wood putty.

These are the lights I'll be using. There's 10 bulbs, each on its own wire, attached to a battery holder that takes 2 AA batteries. Since this is a raffle project (and since I have very little financing for this project), this light set is the most affordable option. We are currently thinking how to make shades/globes/fixtures out of each bulb. The other point is, the wires are all long enough so that I can install lights at both ends of the camper. And the firepit.

I will need to drill out holes to slip the lights through - I'll set the battery holder under the camper, maybe disguised by a piece of furniture or landscaping.

If you look closely, on the piece of floor (under the battery/lights thing) I've marked where I need to drill.
This, however, was the best miniature project I worked on last weekend:

If you look very closely, you'll spot a tiny but wonderful almost-two-year-old grandbaby.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bannisters, railings, and shingles!

Disclaimer- I haven't made much progress lately, due to the surgery on my hand a week ago. I had "trigger finger," which isn't nearly as amusing as it sounds. I'm hoping that by next weekend the incision will be healed and I'll be back to better-than-normal.

At any rate, work does progress (slowly) on the Whitney/Primrose house.
Front view, partially shingled. Sadly, the shingles look very zig-zaggy, which is really not what I was aiming for. I shall repaint the pattern after I finish shingling.

So I was working on the porch railings.
This is what happened to the ones that came in the kit:

They totally fell apart when I tried to remove them from the sheet of wood. Plus, I thought they looked too blocky, especially on the bedroom balcony.

I got Houseworks spindles and porch railings from HBS, and employed my stronger-than-me-with-actual-working-hands husband and the Easy Cutter to help cut the railing.

I painted the spindles thusly:
This took several days - paint, touch up, realize I needed more spindles, paint, touch up, and finally, glue to the porch.
I think they turned out rather nicely. I'll do the same for the bedroom balcony, which is on the left of the above photo.

A 3/4 view. I am very pleased with the way these look.
And a bit irked with myself that I didn't paint enough spindles for the bedroom balcony.

Just for the heck of it, here's the back view.