Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Camper progress

I have been working on the camper. It's coming along quite nicely.

I've wired, wall-papered, floored, and painted. I have a plan to make a grill - using a toilet paper roll, paperclay charcoal, and some skewers. 

Furniture is placed temporarily. I will need to make a refrigerator, and stove. The window trim is not yet installed, nor the light covers. Or the door. The wheel well covers also need to be glued in.

I got the sink unit on Ebay. I painted it light chocolate. It needs a bit of white enamel touch-up.

Once the wall partitions are in, this lefthand section will be the bathroom. I don't think I'll have room to put in a shower. I have a ceramic toilet I'll make a seat cover for, and add a floor pedal. Haven't figured out the sink yet. The toiletries and towels will sit on the shelf there. The door will be in the middle, with the toilet and sink on each end.
This right-hand side will be the bedroom. I'll put in a fairly simple bed and a bureau/cupboard. This door too will probably be in the middle, to avoid the wheelwell covers. I may just do curtains for the doorways.

The view from  the bedroom end.

Here's the front so far. On the right you can see the whaddaycallit, tow-bar  thing. It's painted black.
The door is going to be a challenge. I am going to try to make a pin-hinged door. I'll need to make a door frame, and I need to figure out how to drill the tiny holes I'll need.

Before Friday, I'll have the door, frame, and wheels done (I hope).

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