Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bannisters, railings, and shingles!

Disclaimer- I haven't made much progress lately, due to the surgery on my hand a week ago. I had "trigger finger," which isn't nearly as amusing as it sounds. I'm hoping that by next weekend the incision will be healed and I'll be back to better-than-normal.

At any rate, work does progress (slowly) on the Whitney/Primrose house.
Front view, partially shingled. Sadly, the shingles look very zig-zaggy, which is really not what I was aiming for. I shall repaint the pattern after I finish shingling.

So I was working on the porch railings.
This is what happened to the ones that came in the kit:

They totally fell apart when I tried to remove them from the sheet of wood. Plus, I thought they looked too blocky, especially on the bedroom balcony.

I got Houseworks spindles and porch railings from HBS, and employed my stronger-than-me-with-actual-working-hands husband and the Easy Cutter to help cut the railing.

I painted the spindles thusly:
This took several days - paint, touch up, realize I needed more spindles, paint, touch up, and finally, glue to the porch.
I think they turned out rather nicely. I'll do the same for the bedroom balcony, which is on the left of the above photo.

A 3/4 view. I am very pleased with the way these look.
And a bit irked with myself that I didn't paint enough spindles for the bedroom balcony.

Just for the heck of it, here's the back view.

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  1. Very nice! The spindles look like a lot of work!