Sunday, May 20, 2012


My husband, my dog, and I camp in a 5th wheel camper at a place called 10 Acres, near the Champlain Bridge. This is our 6th or 7th year- we've been arguing over that for the past couple of weekends with friends who've stayed there one less year than us-but we've all been way to drunk to perform the calculations, and we never think of it when we're sober. Plus, we're all 40-something to 50-something, and our memories are sometimes unreliable. Or it's Mad Cow Disease. We're not sure which.

But I digress.

Last year a tradition was started to do a basket raffle, with the proceeds going to First Response (a rescue squad type organization, local to Addison). It was fun - some very creative and useful baskets, and it made some good money for the cause.

I had been puzzling over what mini projects I could do at camp. (I do have some sober moments there, more than you'd think, actually.) I have had problems knitting with my hand issue, which will hopefully be resolved soon. I see the orthopedist guy on Tuesday. The point being that knitting is not a comfortable activity for me right now.

I had a flash of brilliance. I'm making the Corona Travel Trailer kit, and that will be my basket raffle item.

It's a small enough kit that it'll be workable at camp. It's going to be very amusing to decorate, with tiny cans of Bud in the tiny fridge, and a tiny Tuc board (a game obsessively played by many) on the picnic table, etc. My husband may help me with it, but this past weekend he was busy playing Tuc. (see previous sentence)

So, the kit:

The dry fit, front and back. OK, I am not real sure which side is called front, and which is called back. Anyway, both sides:

I will not be using the "awning" you see in the top picture, just the window inside it.
I'll put in two walls, one at either end, making a bathroom on the left, and a bedroom on the right, with the living room/kitchen in the middle.

The kit came with pieces to make a table and two bench seats, the kitchen eating booth. I've assembled the table, and one of the chairs, with the second chair started. I'll upholster the chairs, and make a pseudo-Formica top for the  table. All the other furniture I'm pretty much going to have to make from scratch.

Next weekend I'll bring out flooring, wallpaper, paint, foam core for the walls, etc. I'm planning to electrify this project.

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