Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Evidently I am obsessed. Or possessed. One of those.

I have made more plants.

A really bad picture of a quite nice in reality philodendron, made with masking tape and florists wire. Potted in a teacup from a dollar store tea set, which was too big to be used as a teacup in my dollhouse.

A fairly good picture of a rather nice-looking corn plant. Made of florists wire and tape, with a yellow stripe painted down each leaf.

The beauty of making plants is that:
1. the materials are inexpensive enough to almost be free.
2. You get a lot of bang for your buck with a plant. Almost as good  as a pillow.
3. Very easy project with room to be creative.
4. Can be picked up and put down easily - not something you've gotta work on til it's finished before taking a break.

I managed to find my paper cutter tonight, and I'm going to start the siding. Or perhaps I'll do the door frames first. That might be best. Maybe I'll do both. I'm kind of excited about this - it's a big step closer to finishing this build.

Though, an unfortunate thought - I still have to fix the stairs and install them, plus I need to make the railing. The one that came with the kit - the railing, that is - doesn't fit the stairs. Unless I can make it fit...

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