Monday, April 30, 2012

The foundation of a foundation, and some tiny furniture

I began work on the Whitney/Primrose foundation. I painted the foundation area gray and dark gray. I spread watered Tacky glue on the area, and used paper clay to make little rocks that I smushed onto the area.

And a close up.
I still need to paint the "rocks" with grays and browns, and to paperclay the back side of the house. For which I will need more paperclay.

I had a bit of a lightbulb moment last night. I had been wondering what to do about the interior doors, how to frame them. Suddenly, it struck me - Cardstock. Tomorrow I will work on the door frames.

I got a package today - the 8-piece half-scale parlor set I bought on Ebay. I'm trying to stock up on affordable half-scale furniture before I start building the Fairfield (haunted edition).

The two beige chairs and the brick fireplace were part of my mother's collection. The rest is the Ebay set. It's all sitting in the bedroom of the Whitney/Primrose, just for picture-taking purposes. Plus, I opened the set and thought, "Holy crap, is this half scale?" It just seemed awfully small. It does seem to match what I already had, though, so I guess the size is right.

Here are two of the beds I have scored on Ebay lately, also half scale.
I contacted an Ebay seller from whom I'd bought a comforter set for a 1:12 bed, and asked if she ever made half scale sets. I could probably dress the beds myself, but I would end up spending twice as much on materials, and I'm not exactly Betsey Ross here. My sewing skills are not fantastic. I sent Michelle - the Ebay seller - the beds' measurements tonight. I'm pretty excited about having her make the bed sets. She does a fabulous job.

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