Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Lafayette, renovated

The front of the Lafayette. I used sheets of moss as the grass, first making gentle hills by shaping and gluing styrofoam to the plywood. I took little rocks and glued them into a path. I made the adirondack chairs and tea cart from a kit.

The potted flowers were made with wooden pots painted terra cotta, filled with glue, and pieces of plastic and silk flowers.

The back of the Lafayette. The tiny tool box sitting in front of the house is not part of this house; it's just set there til I figure out which house gets the workshop. Or the workshop will be a stand-alone. Either way, it's pretty far down the project list.

Tea cart, with potted plant and extra pots. The wheels of the tea cart are made from vintage buttons - the wooden kit wheels fell apart when I tried to punch them out of the sheet.

I added the window boxes. I used tongue depressers to make the boxes. I glued florists foam to pieces of foam core board, then glued the flowers and leaves into the foam. This way I can easily change the flowers if I want.
The butterfly wind chime was a kit from a lot of minis on Ebay. Pretty easy to assemble, and looks lovely (I think). I bent a jewelry head pin into a hook shape to hang it.

This wind chime I made from jewelry findings, using the butterfly chime as a model.

Door step - rock path. I crocheted the welcomemat from hemp. The mailbox was all silver, and I painted it. It is not yet glued in.

I made the trellis from skinny sticks, and wrapped plastic foliage and paper roses around the sticks.

Floral shrub.

The landscaping was fun.


  1. Hi Laurie,
    I always love to landscape dollhouses, too. This landscaping fits the house so well and makes it look so welcoming!

    1. Thanks, Iris! Your houses are so beautifully done - I really get inspired seeing your pictures.