Friday, April 27, 2012

Vintage minis, made by Mom

My mother was always interested in new things. Hobbies, crafts, whatever. She had a genuine, boundless curiosity and an eagerness to try new things, and to embrace things she found appealing.

She made quite a few pieces of miniature furniture from kits, and also from scratch. She bought the Fairfield 1/2 scale kit with the intention of building the dollhouse. She never got around to it, though.

Here is some of the furniture she made.

The dining room table, chairs, dry sink, and hutch were made from a Realife Miniatures kit. Part of the reason I chose to build the Whitney/Primrose bash was to create a dining room to put this set in. The drawers and doors all open. These are all 1 inch scale.
The blue chair is one she made from a House of Miniatures kit (I think). Way in the back is a desk she made, also, but it's not very visible in this photo. The large bookcase in the very back is one she made. I'm hoping to have room for that in the Newberg, eventually.

A better shot of the bookcase. I think she made the library table, also. The ladderback chairs I made from a Chrysnbon kit I found in her minis. In the back on the right you can see the pipe to a Chrysnbon parlor stove she made. The small picture in the gold oval frame on the right is one of my grandfather - I found it in a locket, and got the tiny frame for it.

Mom made the pie safe, but I don't know if it was a kit.

A better view of the pie safe.

She had also made quite a bit of food from bread dough, but it did not survive.

Here are a couple of the things I've been making lately:

The yellow afghan is knit from lace weight yarn. I intended it to be a dining room tablecloth, but it's really more of an afghan.
These are paper pitchers. They are meant to look like enamelware. The one on the left is meant to be half scale. The other three are 1:12. I'm not sure why the striped one is leaning back, but I'm going to call it a "design element" rather than "stupid mistake." They are sitting in what will eventually be the attic of the Whitney/Primrose bash.

I really should find a name for that house.

I need a bit more practice/skill at making the pitchers. I can see in my mind what I want them to look like, but apparently my hands are not listening.I thought these weren't bad for first attempts.

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