Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Lafayette, interior

This picture hangs in the bathroom. The painting is from Ebay. The frame I made using skinny sticks, a paper doily, and a gold leaf pen.

The towel shelf I made from tongue depressors. The dark green bath mat is one that I knitted with chenille yarn.

The bigger picture of the bathroom. This room is the closest to being done. There's still a few details I need to add, but for the most part, it's done.

The living room. The church on the wall is one I cross-stitched years ago - it needs some sort of frame. The living room rug was in my mother's collection. I made the window seat cushion from fabric, batting, and foam core. The other pillows are all from Ebay.
The kitchen. I made the chandelier from a triple fishing hook and some vintage beads, hung by chain maille from a button. There are magnets made from tiny stickers on the fridge; one is holding a tiny newspaper ad, in homage to my father, who was the King of Newspaper Clippings. There is a case of Diet Pepsi on the fridge, because I like Diet Pepsi.

I used felt for the stair treads. And, the rat will not live here. He will be moving to the haunted Fairfield, which is my next project.
It occurred to me that the kitchen lacked cupboard space. I picked up the  shelves in the corner on E-bay, and added dishes. More items will be added, and more wall decoration will be added, too. Probably a mat in front of the sink, and I will get or make a dish drainer.

I just realized I didn't post a pic of the bedroom, though you can see a corner of it by the bathroom. I'll post that tonight.

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