Friday, May 4, 2012

Adventures on Ebay

I get a lot of my minis on Ebay. My technique is to search, see what is in my price range that I like, and bid. Usually my bids are... low. Sometimes I win the auction, sometimes not. And that's OK.

I have had very good luck on Ebay, and quite often, for a fairly rock-bottom price, I can pick up some fantastic things.

This week was the first time I'd had a problem.

I had bid on two auctions, for what was described as "Half-scale" items - a tub, a wall mirror, a standing mirror and a rocking chair. Unfortunately, when they came, they were not half-scale. They were 1:12. I contacted the seller, and said basically, Yo. NOT half scale. I told her I would keep them, but that I was very disappointed. Which, of course, I was.

When she replied, she apologized, begged me to not give her bad feedback, and told me she would refund my payment and I should keep the items. Granted, the cost of the two lots was a grand total of $8, with an additional $5 shipping. So, I thanked her, and gave her good feedback.

I had mostly contacted her to alert her to the fact that she evidently did not know the difference between half scale and 1:12, so the offer to refund was a very pleasant surprise.

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