Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A very tiny house, and progress.

The Whitney/Primrose has a nursery.
This weekend, I made a tiny house from a kit I got on Ebay. I was at camp - I brought the kit, glue, tweezers, and colored pencils.

The colors would have been sharper and I could have added more detail if I'd used markers, but all I could find were the colored pencils. I think it came out OK. The manila envelope it's sitting on is 8 1/2 x 11, if that gives an idea of the scale.

I have been working on doors. Installing them. The little metal hinges don't work worth a darn, so I cut up a rip-stop Express Mail envelope and made hinges. Gluing them to the doors and the door frames has been a challenge, and I won't know how successful it is for a few days, at least. I had doorknobs for two of the doors. I found beads that seem to work for some of the doors, but they are very hard to attach. I'm not sure they are on firmly.
I had to re-sand some of the door frames, for the doors to fit.
I had already installed the stairs. I am working on the railing, with variable success.

The brown railing upstairs is not yet installed. I will try to replace it with something a bit more delicate.

 I had made stained glass on the front door - not bad for a first try, but not fantastically good either.

The three (four, really) upstairs doors. Door knobs are the next step.

This is the side of the nursery. When I put it together yesterday, it became clear that I had no clue how to measure and cut the parts I changed. I will have to fill in the space, probably with foam core papered over.

The back roof part is another oops - I papered the wrong side. Once I have shingles on, it should be ok and no one will know.

There's still a fair amount of spackling and touching up. I have several roof pieces to attach, paper, and shingle. It needs to be mounted on the base, landscaped, and furnished. Parts of it are coming out fantastically well, and other parts have gone horrendously wrong - I'm having a great time with this build.

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