Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I love it when a house starts to come together.

The Whitney/Primrose build is making fantastic progress. I really need to come up with a better house name. Hmm.

Anyway. The siding is complete.
Tomorrow I think I'll work on installing the doors. I'm thinking about skipping the downstairs porch railing. I think it'll look better with just the corner post. Maybe a two-step stairs in front of the porch, as well as one in front of the kitchen door.

The upstairs porch and the balcony will need railings. The ones in the kit seem really cumbersome. I may try to make some with wooden kebab sticks.

I put together the flowers for the windowbox.

I used foam core, with florists foam glued onto it. I spread glue on the foam, and dipped it in the coffee grounds. The flowers and greenery are from batches of cloth flowers I bought at various craft stores. I dipped each stem in glue, and stuck it into the florists foam. Once dry, it simply sets into the windowbox. This makes it easy to change out, if I decided to put in, say, Christmas flowers.

This is the view of the stairs through the front door. The railing that came in the kit does not fit the stairs. Possibly because my construction of the stairs is a bit off. (Plus, I have apparently misplaced the finished railing.) I may be reconstructing the handrail and upstair railing. I would like it to be a bit more delicate. I'm going to install the doors first, though.

I decided early on to leave off the shutters. And, to leave off the canopy thing over the balcony. I'll be shingling the bay windows. It's getting to an exciting point, where soon I'll be ready to decorate. Yesterday some of my mini orders were delivered. I had found two awesome sales on the battery lights. 40% off, which essentially means I get two for the price of one. I got a living room floor lamp; an outside streetlamp; a ceiling fixture for the bathroom; and a wall sconce for the bedroom.

I also got two tea sets, a set of dinnerware, garden gnomes, a teapot, and a few items for the Fairfield. I had fun filling the dining room hutch.

I am really thinking that I will use more modern appliances in the kitchen. I have a refrigerator that needs to be painted, and another sink. My stash of kitchen cabinets - some are oak, some are white. It'll take a little experimentation. Still clueless about the living room, too. Bathroom, bedroom, dining room, nursery - those are all fairly well set. There will be minimal landscaping on this house. I had the base board cut not a lot bigger than the house, because the house itself is not small.

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