Thursday, May 3, 2012


I've spent the last three days putting cardstock siding on the Whitney/Primrose. The color is a bit paler than I had intended, but it was a really good deal.

I am liking the cardstock siding. It's easy to cut, easy to glue, easy to adapt to the different sizes and shapes I need the "boards" to be.
Here is the kitchen side. This went pretty smoothly.

Corner of the kitchen side. The upstairs room will be the nursery. I'll be figuring that out later - combining the two roofs, putting in the molding. I've decided to make a curtain door to this room, as there isn't enough room for a real door.

Kitchen front. Still need to finish the door frame, and put up the window box.The right side is the dining room on the ground floor, and the master bedroom is on the second floor. I need to put the railing on the upstairs balcony, and of course, hang the doors. The bay window needs a bit of fussing, too.
The right side of the house still needs the "siding." I've a bit of door trim to put in, doors to hang, and I need to make floors for the porches, as well as put in the railings.

On the kitchen side, I finished the corner by gluing a half-inch strip of paper, which had been scored through the middle lengthwise. I think this really makes the outside look smooth. I'll do the same for the other corners.
I'm still concerned about the kitchen furnishings. The house does not seem to like the old-fashioned stove, or the ice box.

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