Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fairfield parlor

More photos from Andy Fish.
This is the Fairfield parlor, looking toward the foyer. The photo on the foyer wall is of my parents' tombstone.
This view shows the window over the door in the foyer. The hutch is filled with tiny objets d'art. Some are turnings from CW Lubin's Etsy shop, as are the two pots on the marble-topped table. The tombstone clock was an Ebay purchase. The dragons on either side of it are beads. The plant on the coffee table is made with a bead and a flower snipped from a larger silk/plastic flower from AC Moore. The couch pillows were an Ebay purchase.
The rug was from my mother's collection, as were the marble-topped side table and the yellow upholstered chairs, and the fireplace (not shown in this photo). Her furniture was purchased at Fred's Miniature Dollhouse shop, which operated in Pittsfield, VT, until Fred's death in the late '90s.

The birdcage on the right, toward the stairs, is actually a jewelry bead/finding. I made its stand from wire. The bowl on the mantle is a turning from CW Lubin.

This view shows the mermaid painting over the fireplace, a great view of the foyer, and the bookcase between the parlor and dining room. I made the books in the bookcase, from printables found online and tiny pieces of scrap wood.

The doilies are made from tiny pieces of lace.

Andy does such an awesome job with photos!


  1. It's very cozy! I just love that bookshelf too. It's a gorgeous little place! I'd love to follow your blog but you don't have that follower gadget. And I've already exceeded my # of blogs I can follow on the dashboard. Hope you can put it on your sidebar. You make such gorgeous minis.

  2. Love how you give the "history" of the pieces you use. Nice job!