Saturday, November 30, 2013


I'm building staircases. These are odd little stairs. They "curve," which is a bit odd, because they don't actually need to curve. Between the odd stairs and the warping issues, these are pretty rickety looking. The application of spackle once the glue dries should make a huge improvement. Plus, baseboard trim is another help in covering flubs.
Each step has a tab that's meant to slide into a slot on the wall. It's recommended to paint/paper the walls before making the stairs, and I did that. Problem is, that has thrown a bit of a monkey wrench into the tab/slot theory. Some of the tabs I was able to cut down enough to fit them in the slots. Others, I had to completely clip off the tabs.
These photos (poorly taken by me) are all of the second floor stairs.

While I actually like the rickety look of the stairs, I will try to improve them.
A bit of needlework. I'm making a rug for this house. Pretty simple, just stripes, but fun to make, and tiny enough for half scale.


  1. They look like my real-life stairs! :)

    How cool that you're making a rug, I've been wanting to do that too, but I have no clue how.

  2. Those stairs are curved because they're realistic. Some houses, my aunt's for example, had these weird stairs that curved into the room at the bottom. I don't know why, but it was interesting if you were trying to carry something down the stairs, had to be very careful where to put your feet. :-) Oh! I just bought a book of needlepoint rug patterns...can easily be converted into 1/2 scale.