Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Glencroft

The concept of this house is an old-fashioned home. Heated by fireplaces and woodstoves. A library full of books, and music.

I am electrifying this house. It'll be the first project I've done with wiring.
The kitchen has a chicken theme. The floor is made of craft sticks, sanded, stained, and varnished.
I haven't worked on the ceiling yet. It will be stucco, with beams.

This is the living room. I still have two walls to paper, and the floor to finish. I'm still thinking about what the fireplace will need.

The photos were taken by my brother, Andy Fish.
I do like to have several different scale projects to work on. This house is on the back burner right now, until I'm further along with Grandma's Summer House. 

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