Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A little inside information...

The Fairfield is mostly decorated; I still have some minor additions/changes to make.

So, room by room:

The sitting room: The cabinet is filled with various objets d'art. Some are turnings, by CW Lubin on Etsy. The little gold chairs and the fireplace were my mother's.

Dining room: The table and chairs were made by an elderly man, hand-caned, when I was a teenager. His daughter was a friend of my mother's, and Mr. Rhodes had built a fantastic lot of dollhouse furniture for his daughter. My mother commissioned him to build this set in half scale, in particular for this house.
I made the corner shelves to fill a gap.

Guest bedroom

Master bedroom

View of this side of the house, first two floors. There's something a little odd about the paintings in this house...
Third floor: the witch's den.

In the middle of the right side of the top floor sits a little round cage. It needs a strange pet inside, and then it will hang from the ceiling. I've yet to figure out what strange pet to put in it.

Hallway and bathroom

Witch's den, continued. I labeled and filled all the little potion bottles. The brass mortar and pestle on the table are turnings by CW Lubin. The tiny wooden box on the table was a kit I put together.

Kitchen: The stove was one my mother had bought for this house. The sink unit was a kit I bought from Petite Properties, in England, as was the little wall cupboard. I made most of the food items stocking the pantry. The green rocker was from a kit. I do still need more grocery items, and will be working on those off and on.

Slightly better view of the sink.
It's kind of interesting the way photos show what needs to be added or what looks cluttered or what needs to be fixed. That is, more so than just looking at the rooms.
I will find/make tiny birds (or something similar) to put on the outside windowsills, and in the tree. The project is also needing some snakes, and some mice. Some of the doorknobs need to be re-glued, too. Of course, a dollhouse is never really finished.

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