Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another contest?

I am giving some thought to entering the Undersized Urbanite contest. It started 9/30/13, and goes til May, I think.

I have a project that would do - Regan's workshop. If nothing else, this would help me practice photographing the build. You apparently post photos of the building and decorating process.

I am a bit intimidated at the fantastic houses other folks build. I will try to really take my time with this one. It's a fairly simple premise. I will need to make a ladder/stairs to the second floor. Since the workshop is meant to be quite primitive, I think it will be a very forgiving project.

Plus, I'm hoping to "finish" the haunted Fairfield - I have a tree, which needs a bit of work. That's what I was held up by, the need for a tree.

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