Friday, December 28, 2012

Miss Lillian's Feline Cottage

My new and fanciful project - a 1/4 scale house, built for Miss Lillian.

Miss Lillian.
Miss Lillian comes from PamelaJunksMinis on Etsy. She is designed to be either full-sized at 1:48, or doll-sized at 1:12.

The house is painted vanilla, with blue denim trim. The door is a spring green with yellow panels.

The interior of the house is two rooms. Downstairs is a kitchen/living room. Upstairs is the bedroom, with either workspace or bathroom. I haven't decided which yet. Although I left the downstairs ceiling unpainted and unpapered, I will be painting the upstairs ceiling after it's assembled and spackled.

I used split coffee stirrers to make the inside window and door trim. The flooring and wallpaper are scrapbook papers.

The roof will be painted denim blue, with green and yellow trim.

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