Sunday, December 30, 2012

A bed, a chair, a table

More work on Miss Lillian's Feline Cottage today.

I have installed and painted the roof.

I think it looks pretty good.
Here's the bed from yesterday, painted and dressed.
And another view of it:

This came out quite well, I think.

And, I made a slipper chair:

Scrap wood, foam, and fabric.
Then, I added a table:

And I put them all inside the house.

Sadly, I apparently got spatters of paint on the floors of the tiny house while painting the roof. :(
Not sure how I'm going to fix that.

Took a trip to AC Moore with my friend Susan, and bought lavender and rose paint, two fat quarters of fabric, and a skein of rather odd yarn to make a ruffly scarf.

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