Monday, June 24, 2013

Punch needle and Spring Fling

I decided to participate in Greenleaf's Spring Fling. I'm a bit intimidated by many of the awesomely talented forum members entered, but I figure, why not. It'll be fun.

If I can ever settle on a theme.

Before I got the kit, I had this fantastic idea to turn it into a mini version of one of the local creemee stands. I thought it would be fun, and since we live near there in the summer, what a good idea.

Then the kit arrived. Way too big to make a creemee stand. I'd never be able to fill the building. This place doesn't have anything inside except the kitchen. No sit down to eat areas, except in the outside on picnic tables.

My plan has tentatively changed. As far as progress goes, I've started the build. It's still in the taped together dry fit stage, but I'm working on it. In the summer, we're at camp most weekends. My mini time is Monday thru Thursday, after work if nothing else takes up my time.

To get more progress (and because with my broken finger, knitting is too painful right now), I'm working on mini rugs while I'm at camp.

I am working on a lovely needlepoint carpet, an Oriental style. Pics of that next week.

Meanwhile, I'd gotten a punch needle rug kit, and I made a lovely rug that is destined for the kitchen of the stone house.

The wallpaper in the stone house has chickens. I thought this rug would be quite suitable, and it came out better than I expected.

I finished another rug. Not sure where this one will end up, but it was fun to do. I used 28-count Aida cloth, and I very much liked it for punch needle.

Unfortunately, this makes a rug that is a bit too thick for half scale. I'd love to do one for the slightly scary Fairfield, if only the rug was more in scale.

The third punch needle rug I'm making (so far) is planned for the Spring Fling.

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