Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Upcoming projects

Currently, I am finishing Miss Lillian's and the Fairfield. I've put aside the Whitney/Primrose for now.

I am also working on the Stone Glencroft Cottage, which I am electrifying.

I've had an idea for a while now about making a workshop, and have a Primrose kit, furniture, and accessories to do so.

I have a half-scale Van Buren kit, which is slated to become a summer/vacation house.

Still have one more 1/4 scale house kit, and two book/boxes which will be made into two-room room boxes in 1/4 scale. One of these will probably be my family Christmas swap item.

And, big step for me, I'm going to enter the Greenfield Spring Fling. The kit and additions have been ordered, and I've got an idea. The deadline for this contest is Oct. 31, so I've a bit of time to get it done.

NAME is offering a swap, and I thought I would try that also. I'm planning to make needlework pillows - two each if I have time. I need 20 packets to send to the swap. I'll be working on those and Spring Fling accessories/furniture at camp this summer, and building the SF entry during the week when I'm home.

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  1. You are so busy! So many projects! That's wonderful. And good luck with your contest entry. Have fun making those beautiful minis of yours!