Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fairfield, kitchen

More Andy Fish photos.
This is the kitchen pantry cupboard. Through the doorway is the dining room.
The stove is part of my mother's furniture collection. I made most of the groceries on the shelves. The top shelf needs to be filled in, and there's more room on some of the other shelves also. The picture on the wall is one I downloaded, printed, and framed. The coffee pot was an Ebay find.
I made the clock from a page of clock faces in a magazine and a button. The (crooked) wall cupboard was a kit from Petite Properties. I made the paper towels. The white table in the corner and the green rocking chair were made from a half-scale furniture kit. My grandmother always had a rocking chair in her kitchen.
The floor is scrapbook paper, covered with polyurethane.

The sink unit was made from a Petite Properties kit. My mother had purchased the pot of tulips.
The cat was an Ebay purchase. A black cat for a haunted witch's house.

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