Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fairfield, bedroom

Photos by Andy Fish.
The carpet is velvety scrapbook paper. One of my mother's rugs is at the foot of the bed. I made the picture frame over the nightstand. The pitcher on the nightstand is made of scrapbook paper, shaped and polyurethaned to look like enamelware.
The metal dragon on the wall is a jewelry finding.
We were quite amused that the camera is visible in the dresser mirror.
The fireplace is another cast piece from Petite Properties. I dabbed it with gray paint, then wiped most of it off. There's a statue of the Virgin Mary on the mantle.
On the dresser are various bottles and jars of lotions, and little boxes of jewelry.

The pewter hand on the left wall is a jewelry finding.

There's a photo of my grandson emerging from our dryer on the left wall.


  1. Love the colors in there! The little fireplace is really cute.

  2. What a great idea for carpeting, I love it!