Friday, January 10, 2014

Third floor, Haunted Fairfield

A double post today, with more Andy pics.

The third floor of the Fairfield is where most of the spooky stuff happens. A casual visitor will not be brought up to the third floor. This is where the secrets are - although there are some small hints throughout the house.

The gothic bed was from Ebay. I made the bedding for it. More strange pictures are on the third floor walls. This section is above the guest bedroom. The carved chest is actually full of metal skulls.

I painted the chimney with textured gray paint. The skull in the chair is a bead.


The little wooden box on the table was made from a kit. The tiny brass mortar and pestle is from CW Lubin on Etsy.

The potions are all labeled - you'd hate to grab tongue of newt when you really wanted graveyard dirt. I printed the labels and then filled the little bottles accordingly.

The bonsai tree was from Ebay. Another skull bead, and a crystal ball I made. You can see the dog's bed on the right, and the dog's head is in the center, but rather out of focus.

The metal ball is going to be a hanging cage for some bizarre and frightening creature I have yet to create.
I made the stair railings from skinny sticks.

The long view - the foreground is above the purple bedroom, and the far end is over the hall and bathroom.
I chose a rather worn and frayed Oriental rug to give an attic-like flavor to the room.

I colored some of the panes of the windows to get a stained glass effect.

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  1. Love the wallpaper!! I would totally stay in the guest room :)